Sunday, July 25, 2010

First Draft Card Kit

Its Sunday night again and here is my latest update. I met with Ashley at A Scrap and More and picked paper for my card kits. My idea was a pocket on a pair of blue jeans. I have included the pic so let me know what you think of this. This is just a draft. The final might be a little different, but I am open to suggestions from any of my great and talented friends. (that means all of you!)

This weekend was without any major events. Our yard work is done, our house work is done, so as it goes, we are ready to start our week all over again. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Fun Weekend

Hi everyone. Had a fun weekend with my family. Before I met up with them, I met with the owner of A Scrap and More in Broken Arrow. She loved my card designs and we have agreed to me to make card kits to sell at her very busy store. Friday I'll go out and pick up paper and then start posting my designs so you can see what I'm making. And maybe you or someone you know will want to get a card kit for that very special someone in your life.

I arrived in Oklahoma City on Saturday and met up with my sister. We played with her cricut and created wall designs for her upcoming school year. It was lots of fun seeing the relaxation across her face as we worked out on paper the designs she had in her head. My family is doing well and we laughed a lot. Met up with my other sister on Sunday and it was wonderful. She was doing well, but really was worried that I would blog about her! She made me swear I wouldn't use her name!

Arrived home and the Brainboy was happy to see me. I had Arbys in the sack and he just knew he would get a bite. But alas, his hopes where dashed when Dad and I put the last bite in our mouths.

I'll have photos on later this week. Finally got my camera fixed. Look foward to sharing those with you.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lucky Day

On Saturday I'll be meeting with the owner of A Scrap and More to see if she will let me sell cards and card kits in her shop. The Shop is in Broken Arrow and I am hoping the meeting is successful. If it is, I'll be singing at the top of my voice (for those who know me, you know how true this is!) This is an exciting chapter in my life. I refuse to sit still and let it pass without trying! Wish me luck folks.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My First Blog Post

Hi my friends. I can't believe I actually created a blog and am now blogging. I can't even keep up with my Facebook Account. But I blog here with purpose. I love to create cards. I create them to give, I create them to sell. I just create. One day I told my husband I was bored and I needed a hobby. He asked what type of hobby did I want, and I said, I want to create cards! He then asked me if I knew anything about making cards. I,of course had to say no. He laughed, stands behind me while I create and work my hobby!

I have become acquainted with some wonderful people and look forward to meeting and hearing from more. No photos today, but shortly I'll add some of my work. So, look for my card art soon!

Thanks for visiting me today!